This Man Sat Outside Of His Wife's Door For Hours And It's Bringing Twitter To Tears

Millions of people in the United States are battling cancer at this very moment. The chemotherapy treatments that many patients go through are unspeakably difficult, but this is the price they’re willing to pay to get their life back. Anyone who has a family member going through chemotherapy knows how difficult it is to see their loved one go through it and, sometimes, the only thing they can do is provide support while they wait on pins and needles for a positive resolution.

17-year-old Mackenna Newman has had to watch her own mother go through thyroid cancer after she received a diagnosis last October. A photo that Mackenna posted to Twitter showing her family’s struggle has Twitter crying and you should definitely see it for yourself.

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It is estimated that in 2017, that there will be 1,688,780 new cancer diagnoses and 600,920 cancer deaths in the United States. 

This staggering statistic puts into perspective the prevalence of cancer. But when we take a look at the individual stories of those battling the disease, we get a better sense of how the disease can bring out the best of the human spirit. 

17-year-old Mackenna Newman recently posted a picture to Twitter that gave everyone online a glimpse into the personal struggle of fighting cancer. 

Twitter | @mackenna_newman

Mackenna’s mother was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer and has been undergoing chemotherapy treatments that oftentimes require being isolated from others. 

This photo of her father waiting outside of her mother’s room during one of these radiation treatments has touched the heart of so many online and the caption Mackenna provided is equally touching…

Twitter | @mackenna_newman

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