The Hidden Meaning Behind 'Love You Forever' Is Devastating

Robert Munsch is an incredible author who has written many books that defined my childhood. A few favorites were Moira’s Birthday, 50 Below Zero, and of course Love You Forever. Munsch’s way of storytelling is unique and eccentric. I remember him visiting my school and bringing me to the front of the class to help tell Stephanie’s Ponytail, using my long hair as a prop. It definitely made everybody jealous. Anyway, his books bring a lot of happiness to people, but most of us had no idea that the story behind Love You Forever is a heartbreaking one.

Robert Munsch is the author behind many of the brilliant stories we all read as children.

His stories appeal to children and families because he often writes about real-life scenarios.

At one point in his career, he actually worked in a preschool and was encouraged to publish his stories after he would tell them to the children.

Other times he published his stories based on the ones he told to his own children. 


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