Grown-Ass Dad Gives The Unicorn Frappe A Try, Learns To Embrace His Inner Basic

Have you noticed all of these purply blue drinks in everyone’s hands the last few days? It’s not a Pumpkin Spice Latte, so I have been confused. I found out that Starbucks just released its Unicorn Frappuccino and women from near and far are flocking to get a sip. As a grown-ass man and father of two kids, this drink usually isn’t what I would order, but I’ve been kinda curious. I went to a local Starbucks downtown to give this drink a try. Here’s a review of my findings. 

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So, I decided to give this unicorn frappe a taste for myself. What could all of these women actually like about this drink other than the pretty colors?
After stepping foot in a local Starbucks, I reluctantly ordered a tall Unicorn Frappuccino to taste it for myself. The color of this drink reminded me a bit of the food in the movie Hook during the food fight scene. 

Liz Beddall | Metro

The frappes are ready and it’s go time. 

Here I am with my frappe. If you can’t already tell, I am extremely self-conscious about holding one of these drinks, let alone taking a picture with one around people. 
The picture on the right captures the awkward moment I had making eye contact with an alpha male in the room who looked at my face, down at my drink, and back up at my face. 

First off, the drink is beautiful. Starbucks gets an A+ for aesthetic appeal. I don’t even care about colors and this impressed me. 

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